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Virtual Surveyor

​Smart drone surveying software


topographical survey

By combining the brain's ability to interpret complex terrain with the computer's computational power, drone surveying is possible in a very short period of time, and lightweight CAD models can be created from drone data.

construction earthworks

You can compare it to a baseline or design screen and determine how much work needs to be done.​You can cut and fill, compare designs and create documents.


Calculating the amount of earthwork

You can set up materials for a single project or over time and calculate volume, tonnage, and monetary value.

mining and quarrying

Drone data can be used for more efficient and safe mine management.Breakline extraction, cut and fill and slope safety, Create more accurate reports on your discoveries and stocks.


Convert from drone to CAD model in just 4 steps


Drone operators fly drones to acquire photos of the project site.


​Topographic surveyors create line surveys, triangulations or contours in VirtualSurveyor.


​Photogrammetrists create orthophotos and elevation models from photos.


Urban designers use survey results to generate civil engineering designs in CAD design software.

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