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 All executives and employees of Geospatial Information Co., Ltd.

use unmanned aerial systems (UAVs), ground-based 3D laser scanners, and MMS to provide all precise spatial location and shape information such as design/construction/maintenance for the construction and management of u-national land and u-cities.

We have developed and possess cutting-edge construction equipment such as   Using this, we acquire accurate basic data with highly reliable technology regardless of whether it is on land or at sea, and provide 3D spatial information data suitable for various fields.

In particular, the unmanned flight system boasts the nation's best technology based on many years of operation technology and image processing technology.

In the future, we will research, develop and develop new systems through convergence and integration with other industries with a higher and wider perspective to provide various spatial information.

We will contribute to standardized spatial information services regarding acquisition methods and DB construction techniques.

In addition, in the Geospatial Information and Marine Division, researchers equipped with cutting-edge marine survey equipment and the best technology are conducting marine physics and ecosystem surveys, and are faithfully carrying out various tasks such as monitoring coastline erosion using unmanned aerial vehicles developed at the headquarters.

With endless creativity and challenging spirit for the spatial information society, all executives and employees will work tirelessly to provide high-precision data in related fields and become a solid foundation for the development of new construction technologies.

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