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Geospatial Information BLOG

UAV Spatial Information System

​Business field

Drone aerial photography / satellite remote sensing

Facility safety inspection

Precision agriculture consulting

Drone development/manufacturing

Digital Twin / Simulation

Marine engineering

Ground survey and GIS DB construction

Building data sets for AI learning /

Artificial intelligence change detection

Introduction of item

Hardware product line


- senseFly

- Autel EVO series

Sensor & camera

Software product line

-Bentley Systems

-Virtual Surveyor


Use cases



Since our establishment in 2001, Geospatial Information Co., Ltd. has been carrying out public surveying, 3D spatial information construction, and digital twin services based on GIS and remote sensing technology.

Our self-developed web platform "Terra Sense" enables integrated management of 3D data and provides digital twin construction and simulation, and AI change detection functions. In the meantime, we would like to share our cutting-edge technologies and diverse business experiences in the areas of transportation, construction, agriculture, disaster disasters, and the environment with more customers at home and abroad.

Currently, the decline in the workforce due to climate change and aging is emerging as a major social problem in rural areas.

Focusing on the integrated control program we developed, we focus on the noji smart agriculture business that can unmanned and automate the entire agricultural production process, including crop sowing, unmanned agricultural work control, growth forecasting, automatic pipe drainage, and drone precision pest control, in connection with ITC technology. I will do it.

We ask for your interest and help.

​Thank you.



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​Use Case

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