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TERRA POINTis the coordinate point and the ground elevationReal-time surveyingwill do You can use the horse pounding measurement function to

Boundary points or construction locations can be immediately displayed on the magnetic part.drone for surveyingno see.

IMG_7419 (작업중).png

TERRA RSuses the wavelength range reflected or emitted from an object.

Function to investigate the composition, type, condition, etc. of an objectequipped withremote sensing droneno see.


TERRA POINT/RS specifications


​Aircraft weight

​Maximum takeoff weight

​Maximum flight speed

630 x 630 x 380 mm

2.7kg (including battery)​



Up to 30 minutes

15.2 x 5 in

​6S 22.2V 10,000mAh LiPo


flight time



​Maximum flight wind speed


Asset 20.png

Jeolseong Togo
​Real-time verification survey​

Asset 10.png

​Construction point survey

Asset 40.png

cadastral boundary survey
​Forest boundary survey

Asset 30.png

cross-sectional survey

- Cadastral boundary survey, construction location survey function 
Users can load field drawings using the domestic flight control program TERRA GCS. Additionally, when you select the points you want to check, TERRA moves quickly to the selected point while maintaining cm-level accuracy. The operator can use the range finder to mark points on the ground where the drone is pointing.

- Real-time cut soil volume measurement, longitudinal and cross-sectional measurement functions 
​When you enter routes such as roads, railways, rivers, etc. in advance and start flight, TERRA equipped with radar (LiDAR) sequentially acquires and delivers information about the longitudinal and cross sections. Workers can judge cut soil information in real time by comparing it with the planned cross section.

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