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MenciSoftware StereoCAD

StereoCAD uses images acquired from drones (or other systems that provide images with compatible overlap) to improve stereo navigation and 3D plotting.

StereoCAD is innovative software designed for smart and modern use of stereoscopic images from drones.

StereoCAD features

CAD capabilities

The complete CAD environment is within StereoCAD. All drawing, editing, and formatting commands are available and are compatible with popular standards.  An advanced code drawing system (Smart Drawing) lets you automate repetitive tasks for maximum efficiency and accuracy.

3D/CAD/Stereo integrated environment

The agile, modern interface lets you quickly switch from CAD to stereo and 3D views.

Overview RGB point clouds are imported or created when you create a project.

This allows you to open a stereoscopic view directly at the point you click.

StereoCAD Key Features

  • GCP Reprojection Report Tool

  • Object snaps on objects now highlight those objects.

  • You can now select camera mounting angle while importing Pix4d, Photoscan, OPKBundle and general projects.

  • Drawn objects take on the color of the active layer.

  • Users can restore their last stereo visit point after reopening the project.

  • Added 2 cursor shapes

  • image path editor

  • Choose between selecting multiple object snaps or selecting a single object snap.

  • Import a generic project from another dataset to merge images

  • Import from OPKBundle allows you to select an image folder if images are missing.

  • CAD Overview window (connected to stereoscopic window)

  • Users can avoid automatic Z adjustment after PAN.

  • Rendering a DEM with contour lines

  • DEM Patch Tool Compatible with APS, PhotoScan, PostFlight Terra 3D ed altri software

  • Numero illlimitato di immagini gestibili

  • Visione monoscopica e streoscopica attiva e anaglifica

  • Visualizzazione Rapida delle Stereo Copy with Multithreading

  • Navigazione del modello Full 3D, piano vertical map

  • Ambiente CAD 3D operations and basic features

  • Importazione/esportazione dai formati CAD più diffusi

  • Tool di Generazione manuale del DTM e verifica di punti di controllo

  • Gestione e supporto della trackball

  • Deployable under Windows 7/8/8.1

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