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Autel EVO 2 Dual

Power. Efficiency. Reliability​

the most compact and advanced thermal drone



FLIR Boson 640x512 Thermal Imaging Sensor
With a resolution of up to 640x512 the EVOL Duel 640T pilot can travel at up to 100mm
It can capture very detailed subjects that are four times farther away than its equivalent drones.
The 30Hz playback rate matches the thermal image with the video frame rate to produce smooth motion, thermal motion.

Multiple Temperature Measurement Modes, Expert Analysis Tools
1. 640x512 Resolution
    2. Image frame: 30 Hz 
3. Picture-in-picture mode  
4. 10 thermal colors









Equipped with top-of-the-line cameras with 8K resolution
8K video, exceptional clarity
Autel EVOLl Dual records have resolutions up to 7680x4320.
Image of 8K video with 4x more pixels (16x more than HD) compared to 4K
The clarity is unmatched.

48MP camera
Autel EVOLl Dual's 48MP sensor helps capture evidence in scientific investigations through precise imaging.
Metadata is provided for both thermal and RGB images.

4x zoom-in without loss of image quality
Through high-resolution image quality, there is no loss of image quality even when magnified during the editing process.
Zoom in, capture, and edit the scene with 8K shooting.

4K HDR shooting possible

By providing a high-quality image with corrected exposure values through 4K HDR photography, highlights and shades are

It provides more detailed details.


It is the world's first 8K camera foldable drone, and it can avoid 360-degree omnidirectional obstacles
It is equipped with 19 sensors, including 12 visual sensors, main cameras, ultrasound, and IMU 
You can create a three-dimensional map and plan your route in real time.
With 16 times more pixels than HD and 4 times more pixels than 4K, 8K video redefines the details of the video.
It is a drone specialized for industrial and shooting purposes through high-resolution images

Wire inspection: cost reduction safety improvement, work flow improvement fire fighting: hot span (hot part) can be checked in advance and public service performance: safe between crime scene and suppression operation 
Provide overall view of the field of view. Provide overall view of the field of view














Excellent performance

Magnesium alloy structure with maximum flight speed of 20m/s maximum flight speed of 8m/s maximum transmission distance of 9km/s for 38 minutes maximum flight time











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